Animated Recreation of Original Vampire Film

Premieres in Free Public Screenings


This August, More Art premieres NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito, a spectacular, hand-animated, silent film that combines music and community engagement to create a powerful and poignant statement about the horrors of the unknown and the inspiring search for liberty. More Art, a local nonprofit that fosters collaborations between professional artists and communities, will host a series of free screenings of the film in public parks, cultural institutions, and venues across New York City this summer and fall.

NYsferatu is a rotoscope recreation of Friedrich W. Murnau’s seminal 1922 film Nosferatu, itself an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Each background scene has been entirely redrawn to set the film in present day New York City. Taking the first step in a three-year process, Mastrovito and a team of 12 artists drew each background three times to replicate the beautifully eerie flickering shutter effect of early cinema. The artist, whose installations have captivated viewers throughout Europe and New York, aimed to create a summary of our times, a kind of “everybody's biography” using cinema as a popular language.

The film is accompanied by an original musical score composed by Simone Giuliani. At select locations, the newly commissioned score will be performed live by distinguished professional musicians, bringing a new layer of improvisational dynamism to the film.

Turning the original film on its head, NYsferatu questions the classical interpretation of the vampire, seen here as the prototypical outsider, while it addresses the many obstacles encountered by immigrants who often escape war and hardships at home only to face challenges such as economic exploitation, discrimination, and xenophobia in their new country. Viewers of all ages should expect to see many familiar images in the film including iconic New York City landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower as well as countless visual references to our current economic and political climate, rewarding multiple viewings.



A film by Andrea Mastrovito / Produced by More Art / Original score by Simone Giuliani / Teaser music by Michael Leonhart / Edited by Yanzi.it



Pier 63 at Hudson River Park

Musical improvisation by The Dick Valentine Vampyre Jamboree
Featuring Dick Valentine of Electric Six and James Wells and Quinn English of The Gay Blades

Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking is permitted.


Queens Museum
Flushing Meadows-Corona Park 

Featuring the original soundtrack by Simone Giuliani
Family-friendly drawing and animation art activities start at 7:00pm

Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking is permitted.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Musical improvisation by
The Michael Leonhart Orchestra

Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking is permitted.


Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Featuring the original soundtrack by Simone Giuliani
Family-friendly drawing and animation art activities start at 6:00pm

Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair and a warm sweatshirt, just in case it gets chilly. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking is permitted.


Central Park at Mineral Springs   

Musical improvisation by CUP
Featuring Nels Cline of Wilco & Yuka C. Honda of Cibo Matto

Please bring your own picnic blanket or chair and a warm sweatshirt, just in case it gets chilly. Food is OK, but no alcohol or smoking is permitted.



Magazzino Italian Art, Cold Spring

Musical improvisation by The Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio
Featuring Marco Cappelli on guitar, Ken Filiano on bass, and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite


Italian Cultural Institute

Musical improvisation by Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio
Featuring Marco Cappelli on guitar, Ken Filiano on bass, and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion.

Please RSVP here


Printed Matter

Screening followed by a panel discussion and book signing with Andrea Mastrovito in conversation with Micaela Martegani, Executive Director of More Art, writer Adam Zucker, and Emilie Nilsson of Konnotation.

Visit Printed Matter for more info + Join us on Facebook!



Cantor Film Center
36 E 8th St, New York

Screening in collaboration with the NYU Center for Religion and Media

Followed by a roundtable conversation: 'Our Vampires, Our Selves: Immigrants, Desire, Fear' with director Andrea Mastrovito, and NYU religious studies scholars Simran Jeet Singh and Angela Zito

Sponsored by NYU Religious Studies, NYU Center for Media Culture and History, NYU Cinema Studies

RSVP: info@moreart.org– First come, first seated. Doors will open at 5:45pm.




October 26 -November 5

rome film fest 

Screening accompanied by a live performance by the Luigi Boccherini Orchestra from Lucca, Italy conducted by Simone Giuliani with live vocals by Bisan Toron.

2018                    RUE DU GÉNÉRAL-DUFOUR 16
8:00 PM               GENEVA, SWITZERLAND

APRIL 2               HASEMAUER 1
2018                   OSNABRÜCK, GERMANY




screening begins.jpg
Mastrovito Limited Edition

More Art and artist Andrea Mastrovito are excited to collaborate with Alessi to produce a limited edition of 50 laser etched stainless steel Disco Volante serving trays by Piero Lissoni for Alessi, 2008 | 40 x 40 cm (15 ¾ x 15 ¾ in). 

The image of Washington Square By Night is inspired by NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito (2017), a public art project inspired by F. W. Murnau’s 1922 film, Nosferatu, and Bram Stoker’s story of Dracula. 

Produced by More Art in New York
Tray Made by Alessi in Italy
Laserwork by BKLZR in Brooklyn

Shop here


More Art and artist Andrea Mastrovito are excited to collaborate with Queens Museum, The New New Yorkers program, and Turning Point Brooklyn, ESOL program to offer a free 4-week long course that brought film studies and writing into the classroom. As a part of NYsferatu: A Symphony of a Century, students were introduced to the 1922 classic film 'Nosferatu' based on Bram Stoker's famous 'Dracula', and further learned to incorporate their personal experiences of living in New York City into writing the title cards for the new film—in English and their native languages.

New New Yorkers Collaborators include: Patrick Ciccarone, Carol Ciccarone, Daniel Khan, Claudia Cortes, Joaquin Fernando Morales, Chuan-Kuo Jiang, Juliana Acevedo, Yamileth Velasco, Dominic Wong, Tsae Jiaug, Sharlene Chou, Susana Jo, Judy, Yenti Chu, Stacey Martin, Sneha Martin, as well as New New Yorkers Manager, Guido Garaycochea.

Turning Point Brooklyn Collaborators include: Afrah Alzendani, Gilberto Arenas, Rosa Bonilla, Antonia Cortes, Rosa De Leon, Zhong Dong, Jannatul Ferdous, Naha Isa, Qing Yun Ni, Edith Saldivar, Olga Schloma, Huda Yateh, Lizbeth Torres, Li Ping Wang, as well as Turning Point Staff, Maritza Arrastia. 

Special thanks to guest teaching artists PJ Gubatina Policarpio and Erin Turner. 

Learn more about the workshops

Framestill (36).jpg

Published by Luca Arcidiacono, 2017, CINEMIO

#RomaFF12 – Presentato oggi nella Selezione Ufficiale della 12esima Festa del Cinema di Roma, il film NYsferatu – Simphony of a Century dell’artista Andrea Mastrovito è esplicitamente un remake che mira a raccontare ancora una volta un’America nera e colpevole. Read more.

Nysferatu – Symphony of a Century di Andrea Mastrovito: la recensione

9. More Art_NYsferatu_Film Title Card_Andrea Mastrovito.jpg

Published by Giozeppe Salzano on November 10th, 2017, INDIE-EYE

Nella sentita rivisitazione del classico di Murnau in una versione animata realizzata in rotoscoping, l’artista Andrea Mastrovito condensa con grande ambizione molti temi di scottante attualità, restituendoci un’elegia dolente e orrorifica sullo stato delle democrazie occidentali. Presentato alla Festa del cinema di Roma, la recensione di Nysferatu. Read more.

Roma 2017 review: NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century (Andrea Mastrovito)

Framestill (36).jpg

Published by Cédric Succivalli on November 10th, 2017, INTERNATIONAL CINEPHILE SOCIETY

The 12th Festa del Cinema di Roma has just come to an end and one of its last screenings offered a transfixing film/stage/live music experience with the projection of NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century, the riveting feature length debut (animated) film by the Italian-born artist and NY resident Andrea Mastrovito. After premiering in select New York locations over the summer: public parks and cultural institutions (Brooklyn Bridge Park, Queens Museum, The Magazzino Italian Art), the More Art production made a big deserved splash in Rome for its European premiere. Read more.

NYsferatu – Symphony of a century

Framestill (19).jpg

Published by Stefano Colagiovanni on November 6th, 2017, CLOSE UP

L’esordio cinematografico dell’artista Andrea Mastrovito ha dell’incredibile: sia perché si é imbarcato nella meravigliosamente folle ed eroica impresa di allungare le mani su quell’opera seminale e immortale che é Nosferatu il vampiro di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, riplasmandola secondo la sua personale e criptica visione dello status quo del mondo moderno, sia perché per realizzare NYsferatu – Symphony of a century il regista ha utilizzato la bellezza di 35 mila disegni, realizzati assieme a dodici assistenti, animandoli grazie alla tecnica del rotoscoping. Read more.

Il marcio sotto al tappeto: NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century

Framestill (36).jpg

Published by Laura Pozzi on November 5th, 2017, OUTOUT MAGAZINE

Nel 1922, il regista tedesco Friedrich W. Murnau realizza il capolavoro espressionistaNosferatu il vampiro, celeberrimo film entrato di diritto nella storia del cinema. Quasi cento anni dopo il videoartista Andrea Mastrovito traspone quel film e quella storia ai nostri giorni come atto di denuncia e amara riflessione sul nostro tempo. Read more.

“NYsferatu”: l’ombra del vampiro si muove nella società moderna

9. More Art_NYsferatu_Film Title Card_Andrea Mastrovito.jpg

Published on Sunday, November 5th, 2017, PAROLI A COLORI

Remake animato per il capolavoro di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau uscito nel 1922 e ispirato a Dracula

Andrea Mastrovito immagina, a novant’anni di distanza, un remake di Nosferatu, capolavoro di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, uscito nel 1922 e ispirato al Dracula letterario di Bram Stoker. Read more.

NYSFERATU, il vampiro immigrato a New York di Andrea Mastrovito

Published by Patrizia Simonetti on November 4th, 2017, SPETTACOLOMANIA

Più che un film un’opera d’arte. E infatti anche il regista fatica a definirlo tale, del restoAndrea Mastrovito, bergamasco trapiantato a New York, è un artista che ama trasformare le cose e realizzare installazioni e di film, almeno finora, non ne ha mai fatti. Read more.

NYsferatu alla Festa di Roma

Framestill (36).jpg

Published by Edoardo Zaccagnini on November 3rd, 2017, CITTÀ NUOVA

Nella sezione “Eventi Speciali” della Festa del Cinema di Roma 2017, figura anche il film di animazione NYsferatu, dell’artista multimediale Andrea Mastrovito, nato a Bergamo ma residente a New York. Il suo film rielabora il Nosferatu di Murnau (del 1922) trasferendone i personaggi nella “grande mela” di oggi, per una riflessione sulla complessità del nostro presente. Read more.

#RomaFF12 – Nysferatu. Incontro con Andrea Mastrovito


Published by Antonio D’onofrio on November 3rd, 2017, SENTIERISELVAGGI

“Un’opera d’arte più che un film, vorrei che fosse considerata soprattutto come tale“. Andrea Mastrovito ci tiene a sottolineare questo aspetto del lavoro Nysferatu:Symphony of a Century, tanto da confessare la fatica anche solo a pensarlo come qualcosa di diverso da una creazione artistica e pertanto lontana da una logica di classificazione e l’dentica difficoltà ad immaginarsi regista. Read more.

#RomaFF12, NYsferatu – Simphony of a century, Nosferatu sbarca a New York

Framestill (21).jpg

Published by Vania Amitrano on November 3rd, 2017, L’ARALDO DELLO SPETTACOLO

Il racconto di un secolo che partorisce mostri peggiori di un vampiro.

Il capolavoro horror tra i più famosi e apprezzati del genere, Nosferatu il vampiro diMurnau, ha ancora molto da dire anche al raffinato pubblico contemporaneo e grazie alla creatività di Andrea Mastrovito e della sua squadra di artisti diventa metafora dei fenomeni sociali più problematici della nostra epoca. In Nysferatu – Simphony of a century, presentato in anteprima quale Evento Speciale alla Festa del Cinema di Roma, il celebre vampiro, il conte Orlock, rivive attraverso 35.000 disegni fatti a mano. Read more.


Framestill (19).jpg

Published by Carlotta Guido on November 3rd, 2017, MOVIESTRUCKERS

NYsferatu Symphony of a Century di Andrea Mastrovito è l’atteso remake d’animazione del capolavoro di Friedrich W. Murnau, Nosferatu Eine Symphonie des Grauens del 1922, presentato nella sezione Eventi Speciali delle 12^ edizione dellaFesta del Cinema di Roma. Read more.

Festa del Cinema di roma 2017 – Giorno 9

9. More Art_NYsferatu_Film Title Card_Andrea Mastrovito.jpg

Published by AlessioT on November 3rd, 2017, UNA VITA DA CINEFILO

Penultimo giorno di Festival. Nell’aria si avverte un po’ di stanchezza e anche un po’ di malinconia. Ho sempre visto questi dieci giorni annuali all’Auditorium, oltre che come una bella esperienza di “lavoro”, anche come una sorta di gita scolastica: si passano molto tempo insieme ad altre persone, dormendo poco, stancandosi, ma facendo una cosa che amiamo tutti molto, cioè vedere film. Read more.

Festa del cinema di Roma: il grande tennis protagonista con “Borg McENROE”. È una rivisitazione del classico di Murnau “NYsferatu” di Mastrovito

Framestill (21).jpg

 Published on November 3rd, 2017, SERVIZIO INFORMAZIONE RELIGIOSA

Nono giorno di proiezioni alla 12ª Festa del Cinema di Roma. Grande curiosità questa mattina, 3 novembre, all’Auditorium Parco della Musica per le proiezioni di “Borg McEnroe” di Janus Metz e “NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century” di Andrea Mastrovito. Il Sir ha visto in anteprima i titoli insieme alla Commissione nazionale valutazione film della Cei. Read more.

Mastrovito: “Nosferatu a NY, un immigrato nella città vampiro

Published by Carmen Diotaiuti on November 3rd, 2017, CINECITTÀ NEWS

Rivive tra la Siria e l’America di oggi il celebre vampiro di Murnau, il conte Orlok (alias Dracula), ridisegnato a mano da Andrea Mastrovito, artista italiano che vive e lavora a New York ed espone nei maggiori musei del mondo. Per realizzare il suo primo lungometraggio, NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century, evento speciale alla Festa di Roma, ci sono voluti tre anni di lavoro e 35mila disegni animati con la tecnica delrotoscoping, in cui il disegnatore ricalca i fotogrammi di scene reali girate con la telecamera per ottenere un risultato fluido e vibrante al tempo stesso, che ricorda ilflickering dei primi anni del cinema muto. Read more.

Ecco il film d’animazione NYsferatu


Framestill (19).jpg

Published by Redazione, Friday, November 3rd, 2017, LA GAZETTA DELLO SPETTACOLO

NYsferatu, il film d’animazione dell’artista Andrea Mastrovito sbarca alla Festa del Cinema di Romanella sezione Eventi Speciali.

Dal MAXXI di Roma al MAD di New York, dopo aver esposto in tutto il mondo (con personali e installazioni permanenti), Mastrovito esordisce al lungometraggio con un riadattamento animato del capolavoro di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Nosferatu (1922). Read more.

“NYsferatu”, Dracula torna in vita grazie ai disegni di Andrea Mastrovito

Framestill (36).jpg

Published on November 3rd, 2017, FESTA DEL CINEMA DI ROMA

ROMA – Dracula e’ risorto. A riportare in vita il conte Orlok di Murnau c’ha pensato l’artistaAndrea Mastrovito, ridisegnando a mano, frame per frame, il capolavoro del 1922. 35000 disegni e3 anni di lavoro per una versione inedita del filmdove i personaggi ricalcano movimenti, espressioni, gesti e costumi della versione originale, mentre tutto intorno a loro viene sostituito e trasportato nell’America contemporanea. Read more.

Nysferatu è tra noi

9. More Art_NYsferatu_Film Title Card_Andrea Mastrovito.jpg

Published by redazione on November 3rd, 2017, SPETTACOLI & CULTURA

“Sono appassionato di film di vampiri, non di cinema muto”, così l’artista Andrea Mastrovito parla del suo primo lungometraggio intitolato NYsferatu- Symphony of a Century che si ispira al celebre film muto Nosferatu diretto da Friedrich Wilhelm Muranu nel lontano 1922. Read more.

'nysferatu': a vampire tale retold about a city's paranoia

Framestill (19).jpg


Published on October 28th, 2016, DESIGN INDABA

Artists adapt the classic tale of Dracula to explore the immigrant rights in the United States.

New York-based, Italian-born multimedia artist Andrea Mastrovito has been commissioned by More Art to create NYsferatu, a public art project that combines film, music, and community engagement to create a statement about immigrant rights. The work is especially important in the United States where anti-immigrant rhetoric has threatened the security of those seeking refuge. Read more.

'nysferatu': a vampire tale retold about a city's paranoia

Framestill (21).jpg

Published by Teresa Mathew on October 25th, 2017, CITYLAB

A new film from Andrea Mastrovito explores what we truly fear about monsters and the “other.”

Vampire stories are constantly being updated to fit the times: they fight off school bullies in Let the Right One In and play baseball inTwilight. And a new film from Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito,NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century, modernizes a distinctive part of the vampire’s mythology. Mastrovito seeks to retell the story of the vampire through the lens of modern-day fears about Islam, immigration, and refugees. Read more.

Andres serrano judges a vampire fancy dress contest

Framestill (36).jpg

Published on October 24th, 2017, THE ART NEWSPAPER

Halloween comes to New York early this year with a vampire-themed fancy dress party at the Box Theater of Varieties on 26 October, which includes a costume contest co-judged by the artist Andres Serrano (we thought urine, not blood, was his body fluid of choice?), the venue’s owner, Simon Hammerstein, and the fashion designer and writer Lori Greenberg. Read more.

Vampiri newyorchesi. aspettando la festa del cinema, andrea mastrovito ci racconta nysferatu

Framestill (21).jpg

Published by Michela Beatrice Ferri on October 18th, 2017, EXIBART

35mila disegni per raccontare la storia d’orrore più cupa di sempre, tradotta in un’atmosfera contemporanea. Si tratta di NYsferatu, film d’animazione di Andrea Mastrovito, prodotto dalla nonprofit newyorkese More Art e la cui lunga gestazione è partita da una campagna di crowdfunding, nel 2014. Adesso i lavori sono finiti e, in attesa di vederlo alla dodicesima Festa del Cinema di Roma, che si terrà dal 26 ottobre al 5 novembre, abbiamo sentito l’autore. Read more.

NYC's Ultimate Halloween guide 2017

9. More Art_NYsferatu_Film Title Card_Andrea Mastrovito.jpg

Published by Jessica Hamrick on September 27th, 2017, URBAN MATTER

Calling lovers of all things creepy: Halloween 2017 is just around the corner!

Yes, the spookiest time of year is upon us again, and New York is utterly jam-packed with amazing events to attend. From scary movie marathons to a few raucous, all-night costume parties, the city has something for everyone this haunted holiday season. Read more.

Suck city: Movie brings old vampire to New York


Published by Alexandra Simon on August 22nd, BROOKLYN PAPER

This flick gives an old movie life after undeath.

A new animated horror film updates and upends a classic silent vampire movie to explore the immigrant experience in New York City. “NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century,” playing in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sept. 7, gives the 1922 German film “Nosferatu” a modern New York setting and a blood-sucking character who may not be as bad as you think. Its Italian-born creator spent three years drawing the film, but says that the recent immigration restrictions suggested by the tweeter-in-chief have made the film resonate more than ever. Read More. 

Artist gives new life to Nosferatu

Framestill_ (1).jpg

Published by Victoria Stapley Brown on August 18th, THE ART NEWSPAPER

The New York-based Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito has spent the past three years working on an animated adaptation of FW Murnau’s Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror, the classic German Expressionist silent film (1922) based on the Dracula story by Bram Stoker (1897), using its treatment of fear and the unknown it to look at immigration—for instance, the vampire as a symbol of the “other”—and other major socio-political issues in this millenium. In Mastrovito’s adaptation, NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century, the foolish and naïve protagonist Thomas Hutter (whose name switches during the film: Hatter, Hutter, Hunter…) heads to Syria to try and sell the former immigration gateway Ellis Island to the vampire, while his wife Ellen stays behind in New York. Read More. 

An Animated Movie Reimagines Nosferatu in present-day NYC

Published by Elisa Wouk Almino on August 15th, HYPERALLERGIC

Nearly one century later, Friedrich W. Murnau’s silent vampire movie Nosferatu continues to scare and inspire. Premiering this week, Andrea Mastrovito’s NYsferatu reimagines the 1922 film set in present-day New York City, whose monuments and landmarks are rendered into haunting, black-and-white rotoscope animations made from 35,000 drawings in collaboration with 12 artists.

While it’s been three years in the making, Mastrovito’s movie feels especially timely now. The revised storyline casts the vampire as an outsider, and follows the lives of immigrants, who must also battle with their image as social pariahs. Read More.

NYsferatu Press Round-up

Published by Ali Vela, on August 15th, DECAY MAG

Nosferatu. Does this word not sound like the midnight call of the Bird of Death?” Ninety-five (95) years later and chills still run down the spine when the creature gets spoken of. Andrea Mastrovito has brought Nosferatu back to life but with unique views on today’s cold modern society and the challenges of immigrants who deal with a challenging personal quest for freedom.

Starting August 14th, public art organization More Art in collaboration with artist  Andrea Mastrovito will present NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century. Read More. 

È il grande giorno di Nysferatu Mastrovito presenta la sua impresa

Framestill (19).jpg

Published on Monday, August 14th, 2017, BERGAMOPOST

Oggi è il grande giorno di NYsferatu: al Pier 63 di New York, il molo che fa parte dell’Hudson River Park, Andrea Mastrovito, l’artista bergamasco più globale del momento, presenterà la sua attesissima impresa. Si tratta del rifacimento di uno dei capolavori della storia del cinema, il Nosferatu girato da Murnau nel 1922.  Read more.

35,000 Drawings Turn a Vampire Classic Into a Story of Immigrant New York

Published by Kasper van Laarhoven on August 11th, BEDFORD + BOWERY

For three years, Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito and a dozen assistants have slaved away on NYsferatu: a Symphonie of a Century, a remake of the 1922 vampire classic Nosferatu, but made out of 35,000 hand-drawn pictures. “This movie is my second wife right now,” Mastrovito told us. “We are always together, me and NYsferatu. And even if I love it, I love and hate it. NYsferatu has sucked my blood.”

At last, this Monday, the film will premiere at Pier 63. Read More.

Artist Uses Dracula To Make A Point About The NYC Immigrant Experience

Published by Melissa Prax on August 4th, 2017, NEWSY

An artist is showing the New York City immigrant experience through the story of "Dracula."

"The Western feeling today is being afraid of people coming from outside. People see them as strangers, so ... I thought 'Dracula' was a really good metaphor for our times," artist Andrea Mastrovito said.

The movie looks at how immigrants assimilate — including barriers they face, like discrimination and other hardships. Read More

Il conte Dracula vive ad Aleppo Poi emigra a NewYork


Published by Di Anna Gandolfi on July 16th, 2017, Il Corriere della Sera

Trascinato in tribunale dalla vedova di Bram Stoker, furibonda a causa del mancato accordo sui diritti d’autore per l’uso del romanzo del marito, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau non sa più che pesci pigliare: nel suo film Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, liberamente quanto palesemente (da qui, il contenzioso) ispirato al Dracula letterario del 1897, aveva già modificato titolo, nomi dei personaggi, geografia. Eppure non basta a convincere i giudici, il cui verdetto è inappellabile: il lungometraggio deve sparire. Le copie vanno al macero. Ma il regista tedesco, questa volta, non ci sta: ne nasconde una, che diventa clandestina. Read More. 

'Nosferatu' gets re-animated as an allegory for the immigration crisis

Published by DJ Panburn on July 10th, 2017, VICE: Creators

Filmmaker Andrea Mastrovito turns the iconic film 'Nosferatu' into an animated metaphor for modern times.

In the classic silent horror film Nosferatu, inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula, a mysterious stranger arrives in a German town and wreaks death and destruction. With nationalistic political climates in Europe and the US rife with anti-immigration hysteria, animator Andrea Mastrovito saw in Nosferatu a metaphor for modern times and set out to resurrect F.W. Murnau's iconic vampire film with a contemporary twist. Read More


Published by Movies News Desk on July 11th, 2017, Broadway World.

This August, More Art premieres NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito, a spectacular, hand-animated, silent film that combines music and community engagement to create a powerful and poignant statement about the horrors of the unknown and the inspiring search for liberty. More Art, a local nonprofit that fosters collaborations between professional artists and communities, will host a series of free screenings of the film in public parks, cultural institutions, and venues across New York City this summer and fall. Read More

NYsferatu di mastrovito alla festa del cinema di roma

Framestill (21).jpg

Published by Rosanna Scardi on June 28th, 2017, CORRIERE DELLA SERA

Il lavoro dell’artista bergamasco, un mix tra film, fumetto e musica, in prima europea nella Capitale

La Festa del Cinema di Roma, in programma dal 26 ottobre al 5 novembre, terrà a battesimo la prima europea di «NYsferatu», film spurio di Andrea Mastrovito che combina settima arte, disegno e musica. Il 14 agosto si terrà, invece, il debutto negli Stati Uniti, all’Hudson river park, la prima di una serie di proiezioni aperte a tutti, nel verde della Grande Mela, come vuole il suo autore. Read more.

David Lynch and ian mckellen to appear at rome film festival

Framestill (19).jpg

Published by Nick Vivarelli on June 27th, 2017, PAGE SIX.

Special Rome fest events will include Brooklyn-based Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito’s animation project “NYsferatu.” Read more.

NYsferatu, un vampiro a New York. Mastrovito come Murnau

Framestill (36).jpg

Published by Helga Marsala on December 3rd, 2016, Artribune.

La rappresentazione per eccellenza dell’incubo, della metà occulta, del doppio oscuro che minaccia la luce ordinaria delle cose e il piano rassicurante del giorno. Nosferatu, capolavoro di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, uscito nel 1922 e ispirato al Dracula letterario di Bram Stoker, ebbe un destino avverso: nonostante furono modificati titolo, nomi dei personaggi e ambientazioni, il film (in quanto versione cinematografica non autorizzata) venne condannato alla distruzione per violazione del diritto d’autore. Andarono al macero tutte le copie sulla piazza, tranne una: lo scaltro Murnau l’aveva messa al riparo dalle grinfie dei tribunali. Da questa rocambolesca vicenda alla celebrazione storica, il passo fu breve. Oggi la storia del Conte Orlok, spaventoso inquilino del castello di Wisborg, è incastonata nel firmamento dei grandi miti del cinema di tutti i tempi. Read More

Un artista italiano reinterpreta il Nosferatu di Murnau

Published by Sky Arte on December 3rd, 2016.

Partita su Kickstarter la raccolta degli ultimi fondi per terminare NYsferatu, un film d’animazione di oltre 60 minuti e 30mila disegni, iniziato nel 2014 da Andrea Mastrovito e che vedrà la luce tra agosto e settembre del 2017 a New York. Questo ambizioso progetto di arte pubblica che unisce film, musica ed impegno sociale – con lo scopo di presentare un resoconto intenso e mordace dei diritti degli immigranti nel mondo di oggi – consiste nella trasposizione a New York del famoso film Nosferatu di Friedrich W. Murnau del 1922, a sua volta un adattamento di Dracula, il romanzo di Bram Stoker. Read More

Un vampiro bergamasco a New York L’ombra di Mastrovito su NYsferatu

Published by Bergamopost on December 6th, 2016.

Uno che dell’eclettismo ha fatto una cifra personale, mescolando disegno, pittura, scultura, installazione, cultura alta ed estetica pop, letteratura, cinema, spiritualità, passione per il calcio, suggestioni filosofiche e riferimenti alla storia dell’arte». Presentazione magistrale quella che fa Helga Marsala su Artribune. Il soggetto è Andrea Mastrovito, 38enne di Bergamo, tra gli artisti italiani delle ultime generazioni più apprezzati a livello internazionale. Il suo nuovo progetto lo porta ad affrontare l’ombra delle paure ataviche, il disordine della notte che minaccia la sicurezza della vita civile, l’incubo che si allunga sulla società della speranza. Sentimenti oscuri, egregiamente riuniti nel buio del film Nosferatu di Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, uscito nel 1922 e ispirato al Dracula letterario di Bram Stoker. Una pellicola, tra l’altro, che ebbe un destino avverso: in quanto versione cinematografica non autorizzata, venne condannata alla distruzione per violazione del diritto d’autore. Andarono al macero tutte le copie sulla piazza, tranne una: Murnau l’aveva messa al sicuro. E per fortuna. Il cinema avrebbe perso uno dei suoi miti. Read More


NYsferatu by Andrea Mastrovito

Published by Constantinos Moraitakis on December 10th, 2016, Delood.

NYsferatu, an ambitious public art project that combines film, music, and community engagement to create a powerful and poignant statement about immigrant rights in today’s world. In NYsferatu, Murnau’s famous vampire, Count Orlok, is catapulted to present-day New York. The whole original movie, Nosferatu (1922), is entirely re-drawn, frame by frame, by the artist and a team of twenty assistants. In the process, they will create more than 35.000 drawings. Read More




Andrea Mastrovito

Andrea Mastrovito (b. 1978) is a New York based, Italian-born artist whose artistic path snakes through the reinvention of drawing and swings from his studio to the audience through public performances and installations. He is the 2007 recipient of the New York Prize, 2012 recipient of the Moroso Prize, the 2016 recipient of the Ermanno Casoli Prize. Solo exhibitions include N'importe ou hors du monde, Chateaux de la Drome (2015), France; Here the Dreamer Sleep, Andersen Museum, Rome (2015); At The End of the Line, GAMEC, Bergamo (2014); and Le Cinque Giornate, Museo del Novecento, Milan (2011). His works have also been included in numerous group exhibitions across Europe and United States including: Museum of Art and Design, New York, MAXXI National Museum of the 21st century and Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester; B.P.S. 22, Charleroi; Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts, Lausanne.  www.andreamastrovito.com


More Art

More Art is a New York-based nonprofit organization that fosters collaborations between professional artists and communities to create public art and educational programs that inspire social justice. We prioritize community participation, and approach critical issues respectfully and poignantly, while encouraging solutions-based dialogue and action. Projects are anchored by sustainable collaborations with grassroots organizations addressing social justice issues specific to their communities. Since its inception in 2004, More Art has presented 40+ indoor and outdoor public art installations and screenings in locations including Union Square, Sunset Park, and the West 4th Subway Station, among many others, with the world’s most renowned contemporary artists, including Andres Serrano, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Joan Jonas, Pablo Helguera, and Ernesto Pujol.

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Simone Giuliani

NYsferatu's composer Simone Giuliani is a New York and Los Angeles based, Italian-born film & TV composer, music director, music producer, and keyboard player. In the past two decades, he has been working with an array of international artists: Beyoncé, Andrea Bocelli, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, David Foster, DJ Logic, Wu-Tang Clan, and many more. Additionally, Simone wrote and produced original music for a number of TV films and series: "Deep in Shambhala" by Yan Dazhong, Spike Lee's Humanity Project, Blindspot, CSI, True Blood, and others. Since 2008, he has been joining forces with Grammy Award-winner producer Jason Olaine releasing rare live recordings of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and more jazz legends for Monterey Jazz Festival Records (Concord Music Group).



attention all vampires!

On a cold, dark October night in New York City, vampires, witches, and zombies  found their way to the Masquerade.
It was a night of Halloween Horror!